Dr. Jana Burson Knocks It Out of the Park

Dr. Jana Burson Knocks It Out of the Park

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I have never made an entry on the NAMA-R TN Blog specifically to recommend a particular book or other resource, and I am certainly overdue in writing an entry & publishing an update for our readers and supporters (I promise it is forthcoming within the next 6-7 days). However, I picked up Dr. Jana Burson's book, Pain Pill Addiction: A Prescription for Hope, earlier this evening that I ordered some weeks ago but have just been too busy to sit down & have any "me time" during which to enjoy a good book, and I simply could not put it down!

Dr. Burson has truly compiled an enormously valuable comprehensive, science-based, medically-accurate YET extremely approachable and understandable single resource that disseminates the truth and facts while wrestling with the human angle and political dynamics involved in the opioid addiction and overdose epidemic that is plaguing our nation and the world. This book does an excellent job of encouraging respectful yet informed dialogue around the medical treatment of opioid addiction with FDA-approved medications like methadone or buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) as one important part of a larger treatment modality that has come to represent the opioid-addicted person's best hope for effective treatment and the realization of life in recovery free from the chains of active addiction. This book is truly amazing.  (The fact Dr. Burson lives and practices Addiction Medicine just over the Appalachian Mountains from many of us in Western North Carolina, and that she mentions the unfortunate situation and struggles we have long been facing in Tennessee regarding the acceptance of scientific research and the state's continued blocking of seemingly every newly proposed opioid treatment program, is just an added bonus and icing on the cake!)  Dr. Burson has penned a book that contains the life-saving and life-restoring information we all have a moral obligation to share, and the way her words flow like a peaceful and calm river of hope allows an important level of accessibility from which the entirety of society will be able to benefit.

Again, I realize how unusual and out-of-the-ordinary a post specifically for recommending a particular book is (especially at 1:00am!) on the NAMA-R TN Chapter Blog, so let that only further serve as evidence that this book is in a league of its own! This is the book with the message for these times, folks. READ this book, and SHARE it widely!! I will include a link to its listing on Amazon.com at the bottom of this post.


Pain Pill Addiction: A Prescription for Hope
(Dr. Jana Burson also authors a blog that is a great resource of information that we can also recommend with enthusiasm. To view or sign-up to follow by email Janaburson's Blog:
All About Opioid Addiction and its Treatment with Medicine

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