The Certificate of Need for the proposed opioid treatment program by Tri Cities Holding LLC in Johnson City, Tennessee has been denied by the State of Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency.

An official statement on behalf of NAMA Recovery of Tennessee will be forthcoming and published here first over the next few days.  The State of Tennessee, through their Certificate of Need process, has violated federal law under the Americans with Disabilities Act by denying disabled Americans with chronic health conditions access to the most evidence-based and effective treatment for their illness.  It's a sad day.  The State of Tennessee has put personal biases and politics ahead of science and 40+ years of research while showing they are not serious about confronting the opioid addiction and overdose epidemic plaguing our state and the country.


Opioid Addiction the MOST lethal addictive disorder

Have you ever wondered which substance, drug or addictive disorder is the most deadly of all?  Unfortunately, the answer is in: Opioid addicts have a higher risk of death compared to other drugs and alcohol according to a new research study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) that was published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal.


REMINDER: Private Clinic North - Rossville, Georgia - Patient Advisory Committee meeting TOMORROW

A reminder to all patients of Private Clinic North in Rossville, Georgia/metro-Chattanooga, Tennessee that the PCN PATIENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE kick-off Group is tomorrow morning, Monday June 17th at 11:00am in the Private Clinic North Group Room.  Be there!


ATTENTION Patients of PRIVATE CLINIC NORTH in Rossville, Georgia

Patient Advisory Committee/Advocacy interest meeting/group to be held on Monday June 17th at 11:00am

This is an official announcement from the TN chapter of the National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery (which also serves as the de facto chapter of the Northwestern Georgia area as part of the metro-Chattanooga, TN area) that the formation of a Patient Advisory Committee has been negotiated between the Administrator of Private Clinic North and the Director of NAMA Recovery of Tennessee.

We encourage ALL patients of Private Clinic North (PCN) living in medication-assisted recovery that are interested in advocacy and being the voice of PCN patients on matters important to them to join us this coming Monday June 17th at 11:00pm in the Private Clinic North Group Room.

NAMA Recovery of Tennessee and the National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery commend the owner and operators of Private Clinic North for their commitment to advocacy and doing all they can to empower their patients to have the tools necessary for medication-assisted treatment to transform their lives to living in medication-assisted recovery.  The commitment of this OTP to advocacy and the expansion of MAT while dispelling the stigma and misinformation that all too often surrounds this, the most effective modality for the treatment of opioid dependence currently available, is evident by this statement in their patient handbook: "Private Clinic North is dedicated to the removal of stigma from methadone treatment. Our commitment is to provide you with a facility that anyone would be proud to enter for healthcare (p. 27)."  This commitment of the staff of PCN is evidenced even further by their desire to provide their patients with a strong voice and avenue for education on matters of advocacy both at the clinic, state and national levels with their blessing on the formation of a patient-run, patient-owned and patient-operated Advisory Committee and advocacy group. 

If you are a PCN patient we hope to see you on Monday the 17th at 11am! If you know any PCN patients make sure they are aware of this exciting meeting! Flyers have been posted in the lobby at PCN about this. If you are not a PCN patient and would like to see a Patient Advisory Committee formed at your treatment center shoot us an email at tndirector@methadone.org if you are in Middle or Eastern Tennessee (or Northwestern Georgia) or at pgogel.TN@methadone.org if you are in Western Tennessee, and mention it to your counselor and/or program director!

"Together we can make a difference!"