Understanding Medication-assisted treatment with methadone and buprenorphine

Understanding Medication-Assisted Treatment

HBO's documentary "Addiction" has several supplemental series' which go in more depth on certain areas of recovery and addiction treatment than the main documentary had time to air. One of these supplementals is titled "Understanding Replacement Therapy," and while I take some issue with the title of the supplemental (the term "replacement" can lead to the misinformation and stigma that methadone and/or buprenorphine are "trading one drug or addiction for another" or are "replacing one addiction with another"), the information contained within is EXCELLENT.  This short supplemental by HBO is in two parts, each of which are less than 10 minutes long. (The total length of BOTH parts is under 20 minutes.) 

I encourage EVERYONE who is serious about having a better understanding of medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction to watch these short films, whether you are a patient, provider, advocate, ally, friend, family member or inquiring citizen.  This is great information in an easy-to-understand presentation.

A+++.... Way to go, HBO!!

Part I

Part II


  1. Methadone treatment centers needs all the support they can get in order to save more lives. Addiction rates has been more alarming and we have to do something about it.

    1. I agree - One of NAMA Recovery's goals it to make methadone maintenance treatment available on demand to every person who needs it.

      Thanks for reading!



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