Opposition to Proposed MMT Clinic in Johnson City, Tennessee Grows

Johnson City methadone clinic opposition grows

ALERT, ADVOCATES!! We need to, and must, promote the *truth* and do *all* we can to help raise awareness in light of the proposed Methadone Maintenance/Medication Assisted Treatment center/clinic in Johnson City, Tennessee. The new clinic is being met with much opposition, and, as usual, the opposition is based on misinformation and stigma... 

I also find it "curious" that the Vice President of Frontier Health, an abstinence-based "detoxification" treatment program, is one of the leading voices of opposition against the proposed treatment center/clinic cited in this article saying that abstinence-based treatment gives the opioid addicted the "best chance of a better life." REALLY? It's interesting he didn't cite any medical or scientific sources supporting his statement... Probably because there are none

The article can be read via the hyperlink within the heading of this blog entry... Read it, and be informed. I have reached out to the NAMA-Recovery Board of Directors as well as the Chapter Directors of other states and areas for input and assistance... Details will follow over the next few weeks and months as this develops further and to inform everyone of any public meetings, hearings or forums that might be held or scheduled on this matter. This blog will also keep you informed of any organized, official efforts on the part of NAMA Recovery of Tennessee.

Letters of support can be sent to:

Health Services and Development Agency
The Frost Building, 3rd Floor
161 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37243


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  1. Many thanks to Dr. Jana Burson for her advocacy and educational campaigns in general, but especially thanks from the TN Chapter of NAMA R for her blog post from today, Sunday April 7th, on the proposed clinic for Johnson City, Tennessee...

    As Dr. Burson concluded her entry (which I encourage you to read and share),

    "If you support medical treatment of opioid addiction with evidence-based therapies, please write to the state and let them know. If you are an addict who has been helped by methadone, send a letter to the below address. If you are a family member who has seen the benefits of methadone treatment in your loved one, tell the people in government. This is the time to act. Don’t let this opportunity to slip by. Send your letter to:

    Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency
    Melanie M. Hill, Executive Director
    Frost Building, 3rd Floor
    161 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard
    Nashville, TN 37243"

    Check it out: http://janaburson.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/the-state-of-denial-tennessee-gets-another-chance/

    In solidarity,
    Zac Talbott, Director & Patient Advocate
    NAMA R of TN


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