Cincinatti program offers addicted moms help, hope

This article shows the HOPE that MMT can offer opioid-addicted women when they become pregnant and how MMT is completely safe for the embryo/fetus and doesn’t harm the baby in any way… But, at the same time, I’m not really pleased with the way this article is worded in many places because I fear that it could be twisted & used against MMT by those who have that agenda despite it outlining a MMT program for pregnant women that provides HOPE… The BIGGEST issue I have with this article is this line: “Some babies show relatively few symptoms and don’t need treatment related to methadone, but others exhibit signs of addiction.” (NO, they DON’T… they exhibit signs of DEPENDENCE… NO baby is “born addicted.” There’s a BIG difference…) So, like I said, this article tells us about an AWESOME program that is a testiment to the safety and effectiveness of MMT for pregnant women, but, at the same time, isn’t worded in the best way in MANY places (including the very first sentence)… So my overall reaction is mixed.


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