We Can Treat Addiction, But It’s Harder to Treat Stigma

We Can Treat Addiction, But It’s Harder to Treat Stigma

By: Zac Talbott

Addiction is complicated. It is incredibly difficult for each person who is trying to get through it to the other side. It is tough on their families. It is also a disease. It is a health issue. Sadly, that fact is too often forgotten by those who develop policy. Right now, Tennessee is embroiled in a debate about the fetal assault law, a policy that threatens pregnant women and mothers who have used drugs as a type of scare tactic to try to get them to seek treatment. 


NAMA Recovery of Tennessee Signs Letter to the TN General Assembly in Opposition to the Fetal Assault Law

Advocacy Organizations Oppose Fetal Assault Law

Image Courtesy of Artist, Jessi Wariner and Nashville Feminist Collective
Lawmakers should oppose Senate Bill 1629/House Bill 1660 and instead create effective, evidence based policies to support the health of women, their children and our communities
January 26, 2016

Dear Tennessee General Assembly, 
On behalf of the undersigned organizations and the hundreds of thousands of women and families we represent in Tennessee and throughout the country, we are writing in opposition to Tennessee’s fetal assault law (TCA 39-13-107) and the legislation that has been introduced to extend this dangerous policy.